about the big project going on now...

7 cameras were sent out to 7 people (make that 8, someone insisted I send them a camera) - the only instructions were to take 5 creative, fun pictures
& send the camera on to another person to take 5 more pictures & pass it on again up to 5 people
per camera - now, to see what they came up with!!

Check back & see what they did & to see what other photo projects I am up to!
When you signup to follow this blog, you will be entered in a drawing for prizes!

In the meantime send me a fav pix, join the new cell phone photo project, send a pix of your pet....

Monday, November 8, 2010

End of the Fall Season

I had a wonderful photo session yesterday with fabulous puppies (will be posted soon)
and afterwards I had time enough time to take some end of the season scenic shots...

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